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TheOpenThread: Cincinnati vs. UConn

Join the conversation as UConn tries to become bowl eligible.

Andy Lyons

In aThe fact that UConn is hosting Cincinnati today with a bowl bid on the line is shocking. A month ago if you told me the Huskies would be 5-6 heading into this game. And if you told me three months ago that UConn would be 5-6 heading into this game I also wouldn't have believed you. That's a reflection of how "impressive" their play has been in winning their last two games, but it also reveals just how poorly the Huskies fared against the easiest schedule the Huskies have played in years.

Still, we're here, and on this senior day the Huskies certainly feel like they have something to prove. They've certainly shown me something in the past two weeks. I've been a very vocal doubter of theirs, but they, and to some extent Paul Pasqualoni have won me over in the past three weeks. But that doesn't mean everyone has, George DeLeone and his pitiful second-half offense are still a constant sense of irritation, but you never know, maybe even that will turn around today.

The chatter on twitter is making it sound like Chandler Whitmer will be starting for the Huskies, so it's nice to know that the coaching staff has managed to avoid screwing up the easiest "game-time decision" of all time. If there is a source of concern though it is in the special teams where the coaching staff has decided to employ two kickers today. Regular kicker Chad Christen has a tweaked muscle so he'll be used for short field goals and PATs, while freshman Bobby Puyol will handle kickoffs and longer attempts. It's tough to know how a split decision like that will work out, but I know I'm already nervous, especially with UConn's tendency to have drives stop around the 30 yard line.

The game kicks off at 3:30 on ABC (ESPN3 if you're west of the Mississippi). This is your OpenThread. Join the conversation below. Thanks seniors and Go Huskies.