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UConn vs. USF OpenThread: Football-like substance

Join us to talk about the "game."

Al Messerschmidt

I don't know about you, but for a minute there I kind of forgot football exists. Man, that was a nice minute. Anyway, back here on planet Earth UConn is taking on USF tonight in a game that really should have better stakes than it actually does.

Anyway, UConn and USF will actually play tonight, which means I'll watch and pull for the Huskies despite knowing it will almost certainly be an exercise in frustration. If there's any consolation it's that UConn is playing USF, which might be the only school with a fanbase that hates it coach more than we do. USF also happens to have a near supernatural ability to lose to UConn in excruciatingly painful ways, so maybe we can keep that up -- although considering how much they hate Skip Holtz it might be even worse for them to win today.

Either way the game kicks off at 7 on ESPNU. This is your OpenThread. Join us below and go Huskies.