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It's official: Louisville to ACC over UConn

Horrible, horrible news to wake up to this morning as the ACC has voted to add Louisville -- over UConn -- in 2014. This is, without question, an unmitigated disaster for the Huskies, who were once considered the favorite to take Maryland's spot in the ACC. There are now serious questions about the health and future of the athletic program, which for the time being has been left out in the cold by realignment, and will continue to be an outcast until there is another shock to the conference system. Luckily for UConn fans, that could happen at any time in modern college athletics. Unlikely for UConn fans, it might also happen never, and until it does UConn is in very, very rough shape.

UConn was in the pole position for this bid, but got outmaneuvered by the Cardinals. President Susan Herbst and Athletic Director Warde Manuel will have a lot of explaining to do.

One final thing: I understand the nature of the internet, so I know that we'll get a lot of traffic today from fans from elsewhere coming to rubberneck. That's fine, but this is a place for UConn fans, so I'm going to have an incredibly quick trigger on the ban button if you post anything that even resembles trolling. You've been warned.