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Report: Louisville one vote shy of ACC invite

Well, this is not what you want to read after a long day:

That's Mark Blaudschun, updating a post we discussed earlier to say that at the last vote held by the ACC Louisville was in the lead, but one vote shy of acceptance. I suppose that could be a bad news/good news sort of thing, but really it feels like it is all bad news.

Of course, this doesn't mean anything is over. One vote shy is still one vote shy -- whoever is voting no had a reason to do so, and hopefully they'll stick by it. Plus we dont' know where UConn stands in this whole thing. How many votes does UConn have? How strong is their support? And what are the odds of a compromise where both teams get in because of an impasse?

In case you're wondering there are currently 11 voting members in the ACC. Syracuse, Pitt and Notre Dame won't have votes until they officially join and Maryland forfeited theirs by leaving. To get an invite a school needs to get 75 percent of the possible votes, meaning they need nine of 11. So, if this report is accurate that means Louisville is sitting on 8 (one might imagine three of Duke/UNC/Virginia/Wake Forest are the no votes) and UConn is at something less than that.

There's still a lot that has to be played out here, but I, for one, am more nervous than I was an hour ago.