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Dying to live: Cincinnati is also making ACC push

Guess what guys, Cincinnati also in interested in an ACC invite? Are you surprised? I'm sure you (and everyone in the ACC offices) are not, but that hasn't stopped a Cincinnati source from pleading their case to ESPN. You really owe it to yourselves to read the whole story because it's quite funny in the "laughing at the guy who missed the bus and is hopelessly running after it sort of way."

That's not to say Cincinnati can't wind up in the ACC -- there are certainly ways they could -- but leaking a "oh, by the way, we're interested in the ACC too" story today is pretty hilarious. Some highlights:

The source said Cincinnati officials are cautiously optimistic that the Bearcats are in step with both Louisville and UConn if the ACC were to choose just one school to replace Maryland, which is headed to the Big Ten.

Well that's good at least -- it'd be really sad if the source was leaking this and pessimistic at the same time. However, the best part of the piece (as noted by BearcatsBlog) is its closing line, which indicates that the real thing pushing CIncy over the edge is the fact that Tulane is headed to the Big East, as if they wouldn't have taken an invite in a second last week.