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Report: Neither UConn nor Louisville has majority support to get into ACC

It's no secret that there is a vigorous debate going on in a backroom somewhere over whether the ACC should take UConn or Louisville as a replacement for Maryland. That has been reported just about everywhere, and as we have waited for word on a decision I think the logical assumption has been that neither school has been able to win a majority. If that was the assumption, it appears to be correct as Mark Blaudschun of is reporting that neither school has been able to win over a majority of the league:

[T]he battle over whether to take Louisville or UConn remains with neither school receiving a majority of support.

According to Blaudschun the league has been through two conference calls that yielded three options: 1) Staying put at 13 members and hoping Notre Dame abandons its independence, 2) Picking one of Louisville or UConn, or 3) Adding three schools, in which case UConn and Louisville would be "consensus" picks.

So for now things seem to be at a stalemate -- of course we all knew that, but now it's been spelled out a bit more clearly.

Feel free to hit the comments to engage in baseless speculation about who is supporting who.