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East Carolina, Tulane to join Big East in 2014

Yes, I know, that headline is stupid and shouldn't be real. Sadly this is a stupid world, so it is real. Very, very real:

Tulane will join the Big East in all sports, while East Carolina will join the league as a football-only member in 2014, sources told ESPN on Tuesday.

/Stabs self repeatedly in the eye.

But wait you say, wouldn't that give the Big East an odd number of teams? Why would they do that? Simple answer:

The reason the Big East opted for 13 schools in 2014 is that the league expects either Louisville or Connecticut to leave for the ACC, sources said. The Cardinals and Huskies are the favorites to replace Maryland, sources said.

So the chips are really down now. Someone is almost certainly gone -- the only risk is that it might not be UConn. Help us John Swofford, you're our only hope.