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Unbelievable: UConn drops Louisville in 3OT

The Huskies pulled off a massive upset to keep themselves in the hunt for bowl eligibility.


I don't believe what I just saw, because apparently UConn just beat Louisville, and I'm not entirely sure that is possible.

The Huskies won a 23-20 triple-overtime "thriller" on the back of their defense and a very strong performance from Lyle McCombs. The Huskies milked a 10-0 halftime lead for as long as they could, but a fourth quarter field goal and a last-second touchdown allowed the Cardinals to tie the game. Louisville quarterback Terry Bridgewater -- who is apparently bionic -- kept the Cardinals in it as best he could, but a Blidi Wreh-Wilson interception in the third overtime allowed the Huskies to kick the decisive field goal.

This was a fantastic win -- it's UConn's second over a ranked school -- and it was one of the most exciting endings in UConn's short Division I history. It wasn't perfect -- UConn once again failed to score in the second half (they now have a total of three second-half points through six Big East games) -- but it didn't need to be. As a nice bonus, the Huskies have now put themselves in a position to become bowl eligible, something which didn't seem possible three weeks ago.

And, as a final capper, this win puts the lie to the avalanche of conference realignment stories suggesting that Louisville's football program is infinitely superior to UConn's. You can't win an invite to the ACC on the field, but after being belittled for a week it has to feel great for the players to silence that ridiculous debate.