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Maryland and Rutgers are headed to the Big 10, will the ACC come calling for UConn?

There's an opening in the ACC, will UConn get the call to fill it?

Smell ya later.
Smell ya later.
Joe Robbins

In case you've been living under a rock this morning (and throughout the weekend for that matter) it's now official: Maryland and Rutgers are leaving the ACC and Big East to make a new home in the Big Ten. Good for Maryland and I wish them many happy returns on their decision. Plus, Randy Edsall now, in theory, could become a Big Ten coach, so maybe Maryland might wind up as his dream job after all. As for Rutgers: congratulations on their happy accident of geography. I look forward to never playing them again.

But you don't really care about Rutgers and Maryland, you care about UConn and that sweet, sweet, open spot the ACC has right now. No one knows what's going to happen there (or happen in the conference period if say, Florida St. decides to bolt), but ESPN is reporting that the ACC will likely look to fill the slot and that UConn is the leading candidate. Hooray:

With the move of Maryland and pending move by Rutgers, the ACC and Big East are expected to seek replacement teams. Connecticut is the most likely candidate to join the ACC, sources said.

Still, nothing has happened yet on that front, since UConn hadn't heard from the ACC as of last night:

Of course, we'll update you when we learn more, but share your thoughts below.