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UConn 89 - Quinnipiac 83: Huskies escape in double overtime

Let's not do that again. Ever.

UConn almost lost a two-decades-and-change winning streak against in state schools when they faced off against a feisty Quinnipiac team that absolutely refused to go away. The Huskies outlasted the Bobcats for an 89-83 win, but it's not one UConn fans will be thrilled about.

Ryan Boatright and Shabazz Napier were virtual non-factors for the first 35 minutes of the game, but with the Huskies down 55-45 with five minutes left both guards remembered how to score and brought the Huskies back from the brink. Special credit goes to Napier who went on a 9-0 run by himself in the closing minutes of regulation to keep the Huskies hopes alive.

UConn's reward for its victory is a match with a tough New Mexico team tomorrow night in the Paradise jam final. It's safe to say that if the Huskies bring their struggles from the past two games into that tilt they're going to have a much harder time escaping with a win.