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TheOpenThread: Quinnipiac vs. UConn

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A lot has happened since UConn escaped Wake Forest on Friday night, and when it seems like the tectonic plates of college sports might be shifting again it's easy for a fan to lose sight of the fact that the Huskies are engaged in a battle for Paradise down in the Virgin Islands. They had an off day yesterday but they're back tonight in a match against their neighbors to the south, Quinnipiac.

The obvious story line here is that Quinnipiac is coached by Tom Moore, a man that was long considered to be Jim Calhoun's heir apparent. That obviously didn't work out for Moore, who was waylaid by the Nate Miles mess, and so now he'll face off against his old employer who has a new face in the seat that was once supposed to be his.

The Bobcats pulled out a nice overtime win over a solid Iona team on Friday night, so you can expect them to give UConn a solid game, especially if the Huskies display the same inconsistency that nearly tripped them up on Friday. Ken Pom has them at 127 so a loss would be a pretty big upset, but as always, these early season tournaments can be screwy.

I'm writing this well before tip-off, so I don't yet know the result of George Mason - New Mexico, but if the Patriots were able to pull off the upset that'll mean UConn is a win away from a very fun matchup tomorrow night.

The game tips off at 9 on CBS Sports. This is your OpenThread. Join the conversation below. Go Huskies and remember: take the stairs, escalators are for cowards.