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Big East Basketball Power Rankings Week One

Brought to you by the Big East editors of SB Nation.

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Welcome back to the Big East Basketball Power Rankings. Every week the editors of SB Nation's Big East blogs will cast their vote in an attempt to measure the current state of the conference. The results are below.

Hi everyone and welcome back to SB Nation's Big East Basketball Power Rankings. I have to apologize right off the top as this post is a little delayed, and the votes you see below are the reflection of ballots cast on Friday before UConn beat Michigan St., Syracuse beat San Diego St. and Georgetown and Marquette lost to condensation. Those games will all be factored in next week, along with the rest of the conference action.

There aren't a ton of surprises in this poll, Louisville, Syracuse and Notre Dame were clear favorites for the top three spots, with Louisville grabbing nine of the ten first place votes that were cast. Georgetown, Marquette, Pitt and Cincinnati were all within striking distance of each other in the poll's second tier. South Florida and Rutgers -- who both have promising seasons in the cards -- checked in at 8th and 9th respectively, while the enigma of a UConn team was able to tie the Scarlet Knights. Villanova and St. John's follow Rutgers and UConn, before you get to the bottom of the league which is made up of a depleted Seton Hall team and the always woeful Providence and DePaul.

We'll be back next week when actual game results will let us hand out our first Homer and Hater of the week awards. See you then.

1. Louisville (9) : 149 points

2. Syracuse (1): 136 points

3. Notre Dame: 130 points

4. Georgetown: 111 points

T5. Marquette: 101 points

T5. Pitt: 101 points

7. Cincinnati: 100 points

8. South Florida: 71 points

T9. Rutgers: 60 points

T9. UConn: 60 points

11. Villanova: 54 points

12. St. John's: 46 points

13. Seton Hall: 28 points

14. Providence: 23 points

15. DePaul: 17 points

Check out the complete ballots of the voters here.