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UConn basketball tickets are on sale, but good luck getting tickets for Syracuse

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UConn's single-game tickets are on sale, but some are harder to get than others.


Single game tickets for UConn basketball's 2011-12 season went on sale today -- well, single game tickets for all but one of the games went on sale, but we'll get to that in a moment. First thing: the tickets themselves, if you want them you can get them by heading here. November and December tickets are cheap -- $15 a pop -- but you'll be looking at a $33 for a seat in Gampel later in the season.

Really though, I'd advise against investing in single game tickets and instead turn your attention to a mini-plan. They're mix-and-match and let you grab tickets to three games for $81 (Gampel) or $87 (XL Center), so you'll be saving at least a bit of change.

Oh, and does that higher XL price seem weird to you? I bet I can explain it -- you see, the Syracuse game is at the XL Center, and it also happens to be the only game you're unable to buy a single ticket for. If you want to see the last ever Big East game between the Huskies and the Orange you'll need to pony up for either season tickets or a mini-plan. Sounds easy right? Well, not so much, because in playing around with the system this morning I was only able to find one combination that would get me a Syracuse ticket: a single game plan including Syracuse, New Hampshire and Maryland East Shore -- not exactly a winning combo, especially if you'll be sitting alone. If people have found other combinations that work let us know in the comments, but unless UConn releases more tickets (if they even have more tickets to release -- say, unsold tickets earmarked for potential season-ticket buyers) it looks like seeing the Orange is going to be a difficult proposition. Good luck.