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UConn to start construction on new basketball facility

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The school has raised 75 percent of its goal and is ready to start construction.

At long last UConn is ready to start construction on a basketball practice facility, the school announced today. The UConn Foundation has raised 75 percent of the cost of the facility ($24 million out of $32 million) and will seek financing for the rest while it continues to fundraise. The facility is expected to take about 25 months to complete. It recently got a big boost in the form of a $2 million donation from UConn Foundation chair Mark Shenkman and his wife Rosalind, who also gave $2.5 million to have the football facility named after them.

No word yet on who the practice facility will be named after, but UConn is looking at it as a fundraising opportunity, so if you happen to have $10 million burning a hole in your pocket those rights could be all yours.