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UConn's game against Temple won't be televised

ESPN has decided to only show UConn's homecoming matchup online.

Mark L. Baer-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

ESPN has given UConn fans an extra reason to make sure they head to Rentshchler Field for the homecoming game against Temple: they're refusing to put it on TV. Instead, for the second time this year UConn football will play a game that will be shown exclusively on ESPN3. SNY, who typically broadcasts UConn's games in the northeast will instead show the a "Big East Game of the Week" matchup between Syracuse and Rutgers.

ESPN controls the rights to these games and decides where they can be broadcast, so they're presumably holding this game hostage to force people to use their service (whenever UConn is ESPN3 only I get e-mail from ESPN PR flacks publicizing links to the game). ESPN3 should be awesome, especially for the tech-savvier portions of UConn's fanbase (i.e. the type of person reading this article). The problem is that, at least in my experience, the service has had a noticeable decline in quality over the past few years, with choppy feeds and laggy coverage. Plus, the unfortunate souls who live under the thumb of the tyrant James Dolan will be blocked out entirely (sorry Meacham).

Husky fans shouldn't rest easy either, as this might not be the last game relegated to an internet-only stream. Upcoming games against USF and Louisville have not been assigned a TV date yet and they could be knocked on to ESPN3 if ESPN sees fit.