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Andre Drummond says he'll be back next year

Andre Drummond says he'll be return to Storrs for a sophomore year under Jim Calhoun. I don't believe him for a second, but I'd love for it to be true:

"As of right now, I know I'll be back," he told exclusively following No. 8 UConn's 67-60 loss to Rutgers Saturday. "That's all I could tell you, I'll be back."

Even if you're a Top 5 pick?

"Yeah, I'll be back."

Again, don't believe it. Jim Calhoun is famous for his honesty with his players with regards to their pro prospects, and there is no question about if Drummond will be a top five pick. He is a top five pick, and that means he's probably gone. I do think he'd benefit from an extra year in Storrs, his multiple passes into the stands last night showed just how raw he really is, but it's tough to turn down millions of dollars.