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TheRoundUp 1/4: What was that?

The New Haven Register Blogs: UConn Men's Basketball Blog: From Jersey It Came
Shabazz Napier had nearly as many turnovers (five) as points (six). Seton Hall coach Kevin Willard said stopping Napier was the key going into the game. "He really is a catalyst," Willard said of Napier. "He is a heck of a player and we knew it was tough to stop Lamb. He comes off so many screens, he's got such great range, and you kind of almost have to pick your poison. He was a much more important person to stop, because Lamb is going to get his. You have to try to stop one of them and we really tried to put two people on Napier at all times."

Seton Hall dominates UConn -
UConn, ranked eighth, continues to struggle against the sky-high expectations of the early season. Their front-court has looked dominant only in flashes against lesser opponents, and not at all against Seton Hall. The Huskies are thought of as having a lot of weapons, a number of different ways to operate, but nothing they tried worked on Wednesday night.

UConn's troubles vs. zones appear once again -
Seton Hall pressed Connecticut throughout the game, but would then drop back to a 2-3 zone defense and then switch to a man-to-man defense with about 15 seconds left in the shot clock. Moreover, the Pirates played seven possessions of straight man-to-man. No wonder the Huskies were confused.

Defense Is The Word When UConn-West Virginia Play - Hartford Courant
Both have amassed an outstanding resume this season. UConn’s margin of 39.3 points leads the nation and does its scoring defense (41.4) and field goal defense (28.5). The Mountaineers hold opponents to 45.0 points (3rd nationally) and 29.2 percent from the floor (3rd nationally). They hold a 26.7 scoring margin over 13 opponents (7th nationally).

UConn women will look to press the ball inside going forward- The Register Citizen
"We have to mix it up a little bit (with) perimeter points and paint points," said UConn sophomore guard Bria Hartley, who has 21 of UConn’s 93 3-pointers this season. "We have to be patient with our offense. We can always get an open 3 - most of the time (but they need to) make sure we know when to take it and when to get it inside. I think we have definitely been doing better in the last couple of days. We have been working in there. We just have to be really good getting the ball in there and Stef (Dolson) has to do a good job of sealing her man and getting open."