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Who should be the next Husky of Honor?

On February 15 the Huskies of Honor will have two new members, Worthy Patterson and Corny Thompson. They're undoubtedly fine choices for inductees (and we'll hopefully have a bit more on them next week), but I don't think I'm going out on much of a limb by saying that they weren't exactly the most glaring omissions from Gampel's wall.

So who is UConn missing now? And who do you want to see in next? There are certainly some more recent alums who deserve a spot. Ben Gordon has a very strong case, and you can certainly argue that Rudy Gay, Caron Butler or even Kevin Ollie deserve to have their name up on the wall. Gay, Gordon and Butler were all rumored to be next in line earlier this year, but NBA scheduling difficulties may have pushed them back for at least a year (especially with the compressed lockout schedule).

My personal pick for the most deserving is Khalid El-Amin, though he has scheduling issues of his own (he's currently playing professionally in Iran). The men could also borrow a page from the women's book and induct entire teams -- the 1990 Dream Season squad and the 1999 Championship team would both be good additions.

Who is your pick? Talk about it in the comments.

Update: I forgot Nadav Henefeld (I thought he was already in), so he's been added to the poll.