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Report: One (or both) UConn teams will get new uniforms tomorrow

A UConn basketball team is set to get new uniforms tomorrow, according to an item on Uni Watch, but it's not clear wether it will be the men, the women, or both. Here's the relevant item from their News Ticker:

Nike will unveil new men's and women's basketball uniforms - all of them sweatbacks, I think - for Arizona, Baylor, Connecticut, Duke, Florida, Kentucky, North Carolina, and Syracuse tomorrow morning.

That sentence could be taken a few different ways, so it's certainly possible that we'll see both teams get fresh looks tomorrow. It's worth noting that the men's uniforms got a slight refresh earlier in the year, adding a third star to the back to recognize the 2011 championship.

I believe the term "sweatback" refers to Nike's HyperElite style uniforms, which feature a thin screen printed design on the back. Both the men and the women have been sporting them since they were introduced in 2010.

(h/t @BpenfieldJ)