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Ryan Boatright being held out pending NCAA review AGAIN

Remember how UConn sat Ryan Boatright down at the beginning of the season as the NCAA investigated him for receiving improper benefits? Well, it's happening again, and once again it's for "conditions and events that pre-date the University's relationship with Boatright."

That first investigation resulted in Boatright missing six games, which seemed reasonable enough (at least as reasonable as anything involving the NCAA could be). This though? This feels like bullshit. The NCAA can investigate the kid all they want, but it's not fair to jerk him around like this after clearing him two months ago. It's especially unfair to do it when any and all improper behavior predated his contact with UConn, a team that has made Boatright a central component of it's attack as it heads into the heart of Big East play.

And here's the most unfair thing of all is this: Boatright is from Chicago, which is a relatively short drive from the Indiana campus of Notre Dame where UConn will be playing tomorrow. It's so close that Boatright has said 400 friends and family members were planning on attending tomorrow's game. Those 400 people might all show up tomorrow, but if they do all they'll get to see is Boatright on the bench.