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TheRoundUp 9/8: Taking a look at Vanderbilt

UConn's Opponent: Vanderbilt Coach James Franklin Plans To Turn Program Around -
There are signs of excitement around the program, although there was skepticism when Franklin was hired. The program had been surrounded by uncertainly, starting when Bobby Johnson retired in July 2010 after eight seasons as coach and was replaced by assistant Robbie Caldwell.

UConn Defense, Coach Don Brown, Won't Take Vanderbilt Lightly - Hartford Courant
"Coach Brown is just a heck of a football coach," Pasqualoni said. "We can line up and play base defense and at the same time we can apply a pressure defense. He has a well-thought out and sound, fundamental defense that the kids love to play. Everyone is excited to work with him because he is all in and he is excited every day. He has a tremendous passion for the game. He is a special guy."

James Franklin really knows his opponent - SEC Blog - ESPN
That’s because he and UConn defensive coordinator Don Brown worked together at Maryland before Franklin took the head coaching job at Vanderbilt. Brown was the defensive coordinator, while Franklin was the offensive coordinator.

Breaking down the enemy: UConn | InsideVandy
According to Franklin, both quarterback Larry Smith and running back Warren Norman will be ready to go on Saturday. Smith was removed from the game in the fourth quarter after a hard hit, while Norman didn’t play the entirety of the game.

Journal Inquirer > Archives > Sports > QB carousel
"I have been through an experience where I played two, and prepared two, but never three," Moorhead said. "Philosophically, you have to coach all three guys in the meeting room. They are the starter or at most two plays away. From a game point and practice standpoint, I have to prepare them all with that mindset."

Overall, Pasqualoni Pleased With UConn Opener - Hartford Courant
"One of those was just a little bit of an alignment thing by one of our tackles," coach Paul Pasqualoni said of the penalties. "Our goal is zero penalties a game. If people think that's unrealistic, I've been on teams that have hit that zero goal for a game. I don't want to jinx us now because next week is another week, but it is something we talked a great deal about.

Big East what to watch - Big East Blog - ESPN
4. UConn's quarterback is ... Take your pick: Johnny McEntee, Scott McCummings or Michael Nebrich? If you said yes, then you are right! Coach Paul Pasqualoni says he will play all three until he sees a clear-cut starter. That might work against Fordham, but it will be interesting to see how well the plan works against FBS competition. Neither one of these players has ever played in a road game, so the challenge is on.

Big East predictions: Week 2 - Big East Blog - ESPN
UConn at Vanderbilt, 7:30 p.m., ESPN3.This is a critical test for the three-headed quarterback system Connecticut plans to use. I have never been in favor of shifting quarterbacks in and out. Meanwhile, D.J. Shoemate is expected to return to the run game with Lyle McCombs. They could see lots of Chris Marve, one of the best tacklers in the SEC. Last year's game was a wild 40-21 win for UConn. I think this is going to be more low-scoring game, and Vanderbilt will do just enough to stop Connecticut on offense to win. Vanderbilt 20, Connecticut 17.

UConn sought other roster-reducing fixes - College Basketball Nation Blog - ESPN
Both URI and Towson were looking at Wolf as a positive addition -- a big man who could potentially develop into a much more productive player at their level. But Wolf didn’t want to leave and the Huskies weren’t going to run him off the team unwillingly. That would have likely been a hit on their APR, not to mention horrible PR.