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TheRoundUp 9/29: Andre Drummond had an eligibility scare

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UConn's Andre Drummond risks eligibility with sneaker video - NCAA Basketball - Sporting News
Drummond, along with several top prospects in the Class of '12, appeared in a video on Stack TV that was shot during an adidas summer camp in Houston. In the video, Kris Dunn, a top prospect in the Class of '12, speaks of the lightweight adidas shoes and looks into the camera and says he wants them, according to the Norwich Bulletin.

The Day - UConn refutes report that Drummond has eligibility issue | News from southeastern Connecticut
"Obviously, every case is treated on a case by case basis," UConn spokesman Kyle Muncy said. "It wouldn't be exaggerating to say we dealt with this identical situation eight to 10 times last year and never had any athlete lose eligibility.

UConn's Susan Herbst: Big East Presidents To Meet, Discuss Future Sunday " CBS New York
Herbst on Wednesday assured members of the school’s board of trustees that UConn is still working with the Big East, and urged them to "ignore the gossip on the national scene."  

UConn Football: WR Nick Williams Brings Needed Spark To UConn Football Offense - Hartford Courant
"I've always felt like no matter what role I eventually developed into that I could have an impact in games through big plays or just being out there on the field," Williams said. "And now that this opportunity is starting to present itself, it is a pretty exciting time to me knowing I'm going to be able to help the team with a more significant role — hopefully."

UConn run game struggling - College Football Nation Blog - ESPN
UConn ranks No. 5 in the Big East in rushing offense, averaging 121.8 yards a game. Its 3.0 yards-per-carry average ranks sixth. Consider that the worst UConn has averaged per carry since joining the Big East is 3.9 (2005, 2007). The worst season it had in rushing offense was in 2004, at 148.4 yards per game. 

The unique importance of Big East league play -
At the root of the heightened competition is the absence of divisions or a conference title game. In the last eight seasons, there has been a tie for the conference title four times. In that same period, eight different schools have earned at least a share of the top spot in the league. But for the Big East, winning a tie-breaker could be the difference between a BCS bowl bid and the Belk Bowl in Charlotte, NC.

Auriemma: UConn Coach Geno Auriemma On ACC — First You Must Be Invited - Hartford Courant
"If and when there is a discussion or an opportunity that would make us want to revisit that, then we'll deal with it at that time. But you can't just call a commissioner or a league president, no matter what league it is, and say, 'Hey, we want in!' That's not how it works. You don't call someone and tell them I'm coming to your house for dinner. You need to first be invited over." 

Caroline Doty working her way back to UConn women's team - Houston Chronicle
"I know I am going to have aches and pains, that is part of the whole process and trying not to get frustrated," Doty said. "It can be very frustrating because I think I can play like I did two years ago. As of now, I can’t because of what has happened so I have to use my brain and find new ways to find a new game for myself and try to stay positive. That is the biggest thing. I am not going to be able to make certain cuts that I used to make. I am not going to be able to dive on the floor as quickly as I want to. It doesn’t mean I’m not going to try but it is going to be a little longer process now. I am going to keep fighting, working. I love basketball so I am going to keep doing what I think I need to do."