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TheRoundUp 9/27: Dan Malloy on expansion

Malloy says Notre Dame decision on ACC would impact UConn - NewsTimes
If Notre Dame's athletic teams join the Atlantic Coast Conference, the University of Connecticut will surely follow, Gov. Dannel P. Malloy said Monday.

Jim Calhoun, UConn, and the Superconference Scramble - The Triangle Blog
The UConn athletic department is defined by Jim Calhoun’s Basketball Team. And as long as Jim Calhoun is coaching Jim Calhoun’s Basketball Team, there is no need to worry what conference they play in. The problem is what happens when Jim Calhoun is no longer coaching Jim Calhoun’s Basketball Team.

RICK PITINO's Blog - Louisville Cardinals | Official Website
If my information is correct, the ACC, namely certain basketball coaches, did not like the amount of exposure BIG EAST basketball was getting nationally and the amount of tournament teams selected the past couple of seasons. Their feelings were made known at conference meetings. Now true or untrue, you can’t tell me that Pitt and Syracuse are making ACC football significantly better. In the last few years, they have laid off more football staff coaches than Bank of America did with its employees last week. Obviously this is an exaggeration, but let’s take a step back.

UConn CB Blidi Wreh-Wilson Won't Play Vs. Western Michigan -
Wreh-Wilson injured his knee late in the first half of the 17-3 victory over Buffalo Saturday night. Pasqualoni said Wreh-Wilson will be out for a "couple of weeks" and that fifth-year senior Gary Wilburn will start in his place

UConn Guard Caroline Doty Has Been Cleared To Play For UConn -
"Having been through this scenario so many times already during my years at UConn, I've become accustomed to just waiting to see how things go," Auriemma said Monday. "Some days will be better than others for her. I will be conscious of it, to a point, but at the same time, you don't want Caroline and anyone else to feel there's a cloud hanging over their heads with people always reminding them of it."

Mets, UConn overlap upsets some viewers - GreenwichTime
Fans on a live chat on UConn's athletics web site revealed a few hiccups, some technical, some unavoidable. Satellite providers could only send one signal; that was the Mets. Some fans beyond the Housatonic River, including some on UConn's campus, reported that they got baseball instead of football.