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TheOpenThread: UConn Huskies (1-2) vs. Buffalo Bulls (1-2)

Kevin, Justin and I all had schedule conflicts this afternoon, which made putting together a proper preview of this game difficult. Instead what you get is this super short version: UConn is struggling, which was expected, though they weren't expected to struggle this bad. Nor where they expected to still have three starting quarterbacks in week four, but maybe, just maybe that could change tonight. Or not. Probably not now that I think about it.

Still, this is a winnable game for the Huskies, which is something we only may be able to say one or two more times this year. If you want some more info, by all means check out the Q/A I did with Buffalo blog Bull Run. If you want entertainment I can suggest the UConn-Buffalo drinking game Bull Run put together. We might all need it to get through the night.

The game is being played in Buffalo (sigh). Kickoff is at 6 est on ESPN3. Join us in the comments. Go Huskies.