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Friends with Bennies: Bull Run

Welcome back to our favorite inconsistent feature: Friends with Bennies. This week I caught up with Tim from SB Nation Buffalo Blog Bull Run to find out a bit more about the Bulls. I also answered some questions for him, and I'll link to that when it's published.

TheUConnBlog: You're in your second year under Jeff Quinn, and you've fallen a bit from where you were when we played you in the 2009 International Bowl. How's the adjustment to Quinn going and what's the mood of the fanbase?

Bull Run:I can't explain it. On the field Quinn has been horrid. He had enough talent to win four games last season, and he has enough to be 2-1 this year. He was badly outcoached at Ball State yet we were in that game. Still he does amazing with recruits and the local media. So

Attendance was great for the opener and his classes look as good, if not better, than Gill's. So The fan base is in wait and see, some really want him gone but the vast majority want to give him this season taking any tangible improvement to be a justification for next.

TUB: What are your thoughts on quarterback Chazz Anderson? He's thrown for less than 600 yards this year? Should we expect much out of him or are mostly going to see a rushing attack?

BR: The offense has been more defined by coaching changes than by Anderson. What Anderson has brought is solid decision making and a good enough arm to make our passing game dangerous.

But the new staff is huge on running the ball, even in the spread, so expect UB to put a lot of effort into trying to establish the run.

TUB: How's the defense? Is there anyone we should keep an eye on?

BRKhalil Mack is a stud he can make big plays when needed. The other differences in our defense this year over last is a deeper and bigger defensive line and a very green secondary.

TUB: We joke around a bit about how EA Sports used to list Buffalo as UConn's rival in NCAA Football in the earlier part of the decade. Still, our programs have played a lot in the past 10 years. What do Buffalo fans think about UConn, if they think about them at all?

BR: Envy enters in a bit. UB really was not ready for FBS and the garbage pile of results from 2000-2006 really set the program back more than continued FCS membership would have. But there were forces pushing UB into Division IA that were both internal and external. There is a healty respect for UConn among a lot of the fans.

TUB: Do you have a score prediction?

BR: I'm going to say UConn 34 - Buffalo 17.