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UConn is playing it's fourth game of the season tomorrow against Buffalo, in Buffalo, because big-time FBS programs schedule road games in Buffalo (thanks Hathaway!). Anyway, this is notable because for the fourth straight week UConn will go with its trifecta quarterback system. Here's head coach Paul Pasqualoni on the matter:

"We're going to have the three quarterbacks ready again. My sense is we'll make a decision on exactly which way we go by the end of the week, but all three will be up, all three will be ready to play. I think all three are capable. Again I'm optimistic. I'm excited about the three of them. I think what we all have to remember is that these concepts that we're into offensively and defensively are still new to these guys. I think all three are learning the system. It's not a system anyone would learn in three games. They have each had moments where they've really good and they've each had ones where they've just flat out missed it. I'm not ready to declare who the guy is until one of them really steps up to the plate. It just hasn't happened yet."

I don't even know how to react to this news anymore. It seems like Mike Nebrich might get a little more time under center this week, which is good, but more and more it seems like UConn's quarterback problem stems from the fact that they don't have a quarterback. The guys don't know where they stand and even if they start they know they could get yanked at any time. It doesn't work.

UConn isn't going to win a lot of games this year, and they're almost certainly not going to a bowl. I've accepted that. What I can't accept is this ridiculous wavering about QBs. Why not pick a guy (not Johnny McEntee), give him some confidence by naming him the starter, and then stick with it rather than letting this ridiculous issue hang over the team. It's not like UConn can get worse.