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Faction in ACC favors adding UConn, Rutgers, but opposition remains for Huskies

We're not sure exactly who (*cough* Duke *cough* Maryland), but UConn and Rutgers have some backers in the ACC who want to add the two schools to "further enhance the ACC's presence in the New York City area and the East Coast generally," according to a report from the Baltimore Sun (the majority is dedicated to Navy, scroll down for the UConn bits). The Sun's source -- an official of an ACC school -- said there was "preliminary opposition" to adding UConn, so their entry is not a slam dunk and no decision is imminent. 

That's all quite interesting, but it's stuff we've either known or suspected for the past couple of days. To me, the most interesting part of the report is this paragraph that mentions UConn specifically:

The subject of Connecticut joining the Atlantic Coast Conference was raised in meetings with representatives of ACC schools prior to last Sunday's announcement that Pittsburgh and Syracuse were joining, according to an official of one of the member schools.

It's not a huge surprise that UConn was in talks with the ACC before Pittsburgh and Syracuse bolted -- we knew they were one of 10 schools that had at least reached out to the ACC -- but this is the first report I've seen that they were actually discussed that early in the process.

(H/T On The Banks)