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UConn president Susan Herbst reaches out to BC about ACC

As anyone following the never-ending flame-war that DerbyGuy has been waging in the comments against Boston College fans knows, BC does not want UConn in the Big East. In fact, they're actively trying to block the Huskies. However, UConn president Susan Herbst isn't taking the news lying down. Instead, she's reached out to BC president Fr. William Leahy, S.J., according to a report from Ed Diagneault.


No one knows how much, if at all, this will help UConn's attempt to get an ACC invite, but it can't hurt. As BC fans never tire of pointing out, UConn was part of a lawsuit against them, and as I've pointed out, the players have changed. Hopefully they get along better this time.

Sidenote: Daigneault joined twitter today. Give him a follow.