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Report: ACC wants UConn... if they come with Notre Dame

UConn has made it painfully obvious over the last five days that they want to go to the ACC, but now, for the first time, there is a report that the ACC wants UConn as well. There's only one catch: for UConn to get an invite Notre Dame has to jump to the ACC as well. 

And the problem with the catch is that it does not seem likely. At all. Notre Dame may jump to a conference one day, but it'll only happen if and when their hand is forced by outside factors. The Irish love their football independence above all else and every report out of South Bend indicates their first choice is to keep flying solo. Three days ago when it seemed like the Big XII was dead and the Pac-12 was a few handshakes away from becoming the Pac-16 it seemed possible that we might get the sort of destabilization that could force Notre Dame into a conference. Now? Not so much. Of course, that could all change in three days, but don't bet on it.

The takeaway from this report for UConn fans shouldn't be that an invite is coming soon -- its not, barring some really disruptive, unforeseen changes. But that doesn't mean UConn fans shouldn't feel good about it, if this report is accurate then it means UConn is on the top of the list for "complementary" (read: non-Texas or Notre Dame) schools that the ACC wants to add if it does expand and they're ahead of Rutgers who is also angling for the spot.