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Big East Football schools are meeting tonight, but UConn's key players won't be in attendance

With the world caving in around them, the presidents and athletic directors of the remaining Big East football schools are meeting tonight in New York City to discuss the leagues future. Oh wait a second, I'm sorry, did I say every Big East football school? Whoops, let me revise: the presidents and athletic directors of every Big East football school with the exception of UConn are meeting tonight in New York City.

UConn president Susan Herbst is "unable to attend" and will send her chief of staff instead, according to the Courant. UConn's interim athletic director Paul Pendergast won't be there either, instead acting director of athletics Paul McCarthy will be attending. It's not exactly clear what Pendergast's status is, he was originally supposed to start on yesterday, and I'm not aware of any reason for a change in that, though an AP report pegged his start date as Oct. 1. Either way, if UConn was taking this meeting seriously both Pendergast and Herbst would be there. 

It was clear last night that UConn thinks the Big East's ship is sinking, but at this point UConn is swimming away as fast as possible, desperately searching for a life raft.

Of slightly hilarious note: Villanova wasn't originally included in the meeting but they're asking for an invite. No word on if its in the mail or not.