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Report: ACC, SEC reject West Virginia's application

West Virginia has applied for membership in the SEC and ACC and rejected by both conferences, according to a report this morning from CBS' Bret McMurphy, who has been one of the lead reporters on conference expansion.


As far as UConn is concerned this is interesting because we know the Huskies have been talking to the ACC and as of yet they haven't been rejected. That's a good sign. The best way to think about it might be that Syracuse, Pitt, WVU and UConn have all reached out to the ACC. Pitt and Syracuse have their acceptance letters, West Virginia has a rejection and UConn's sitting on the waitlist.

WVU has an undeniably bigger football footprint than UConn, so this might be a indicator that the ACC is looking out for basketball interests if they go for 16.

Of course the flip side is that the ACC is having reservations about expanding to 16, which is bad to UConn -- though at least the Huskies know now that if they stick around in whatever the Big East becomes they'll still have West Virginia to lose to.

It's probably also a good sign for Missouri -- the SEC will have 13 teams once they take on Texas A+M and logistically they're probably going to need to add someone else, with the Tigers as the best bet. 

UPDATE 1:05 p.m. EST: This report indicates that the SEC's first choice for a 14th member is Louisville, but Kentucky is blocking the move. After that the SEC is targeting three ACC school's, but they might be held back by the ACC's $20 million exit fee. Missouri is in line after that. My reaction: RUN TO THE SEC FLORIDA ST., it's good for your crazy-love of football and even better for UConn's chances at ACC admission.

UPDATE TWO 7:00 p.m. EST: Pete Thamel of the New York Times (who broke the 'Cuse and Pitt talking to ACC story) says WVU hasn't been rejected, but that they're only an option if the SEC goes to 16.