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Blogpoll Week 4: Welcome to the Blogpoll

We're a little late to the party, but TheUConnBlog is proud to announce that it will be taking part in the SBNation Blogpoll for the remainder of this year and going forward.

Longtime college football blog-readers will remember that the Blogpoll was formerly run by the great Brian Cook of MGoBlog. Nowadays, it's a part of the ever expanding SB Nation umbrella of awesomeness, and we figured it was time to get in on the action.

Here's how it will work: every Sunday, I will spend some portion of my time surveying the vast expanse that is FBS college football, narrowing down the top 25 teams and putting them in some sensible order. By Sunday night, a preliminary ballot should be up on the site, at which point we will ask for community input before submitting our final ballot Monday night. The official Blogpoll comes out Tuesdays around noon.

As I said, we got started a little late (both in the season and in this particular week), so this will be a preliminary ballot. Your feedback is welcome, and we'll figure this out as we go. A very brief summary of my methodology:

I began by selecting each team with at least a .500 record, which left me with somewhere in the neighborhood of 60 teams. From there, I cut essentially every team with a "bad" loss or with no significant wins, and that got me down to 25 fairly quick. I then divided the teams into three power-ranking-like tiers - National Championship Contenders (which turned out to be teams 1-6), Fringe Contenders (7-15) and Otherwise Deserving (16-25). At that point, I went with a strict resume ranking within the tiers. Next week, I'll rank everyone from scratch by the same method unless there are objections.

I don't know quite how well this will work from week to week, but I'm fairly happy with the result for now. Normally, I would have some more commentary to go along with this, but for the purposes of this week I can explain my rankings further in the comments if anyone has any specific questions.