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Calhoun on expansion: UConn needs to do what's best for UConn

You know who has to hold their tongue and issue diplomatic statements about conference realignment? College presidents and athletic directors. You know who doesn't? Three-time national championship basketball coaches who woudn't get fired even if they started hunting students for sport, like, you know, Jim Calhoun.

He spoke with CBS' Jeff Goodman earlier today and had this to say about UConn's appeal at the moment:

"We have a lot to offer. We're very attractive now. This isn't 25 years ago."

As for the Big East? It's been Calhoun's home for 25 years, but he can see the writing on the wall:

"What UConn needs to do is put it head down and take care of UConn. Do what's best for us - just like everyone else needs to do what's best for their institution."

As for new challenges that may lie ahead, let's just say he's not worried about them:

"I'd face any challenge. Anywhere. Line 'em up and let's play them. I'd be excited by it."

Jim Calhoun wasn't the only one speaking out today either. Jim Boeheim (who didn't know about his school's move as of last Thursday) had some pointed words on Syracuse's move, and included a prediction that UConn would probably wind up in the ACC.