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Iowa State 24, UConn 20: Yikes.

Paul Pasqualoni is insane, because he thinks Johnny McEntee is the "accurate" quarterback. He has completed 31 of his 69 passes this season.

Paul Pasqualoni is making it up as he goes, because for all the fooferaw about "continuity" last week, he continued to switch quarterbacks at whim, despite one of them - Scott McCummings - contributing on both offensive touchdowns Friday night.

Paul Pasqualoni is heralding an offense that is actively handing points to the other team, an offense that would be the best in the country if "Throwing Short Of The First Down Line On Third Down" was a category.

I could theoretically write for hours on every other thing plaguing this godforsaken team, but nothing quite sums up the state of UConn football like the fact that - despite all evidence to the contrary - Paul Pasqualoni believes that Johnny McEntee is our quarterback. (Nothing personal against the guy; he was given a shot, and he didn't perform. No shame in that - he's hardly the first UConn QB to play poorly.)

Unless something happens, in a hurry, this is going to be the worst UConn football team since 2001. And that's about all I can write without popping a blood vessel.