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Who should start for UConn on Friday?

Coming into the season UConn had a lot of questions and three options at the quarterback position. Now the Huskies have... well, a lot of questions and three options. Johnny McEntee has started the first two games, but his performance against Vanderbilt -- 10-27, 99 yards, 3 INT -- was a disaster. Paul Pasqualoni has indicated that the three-headed monster will return on Friday, and McEntee will probably get most of the snaps again (which might mean really terrible things about the practices of the other two guys), but I get the sense that won't be a popular opinion in the fan community.

Jeff Jacobs used his column today to call for Michael Nebrich to get a shot. Nebrich may be no better than McEntee, but he probably can't get worse, and he's a freshman, so unlike the senior McEntee, developing him now could pay divends in future seasons.

There is also the Scott McCummings option. It really doesn't matter if McEntee or Nebrich plays you can expect McCummings to get some snaps (in which he'll only run and never pass, completely neutering him as a threat, but that's beside the point). There is a scenario in which McCummings starts though. That theory goes something like this: UConn can't pass, the receivers are junk and we should call it a day and go full-on wishbone and option all the time.

I'll briefly note that we asked the exact same question around this time last year (with three different quarterbacks). The crowd favorite was Cody Endres who was actually pretty good until the whole repeatedly failing drug tests issue sprung up.

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