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Jim Calhoun: soon to be on a boat OR: Bored with dominating the land, UConn looks to the sea

UConn's non-conference schedule this year is objectively terrible, but things are already looking up for the 2012-13 campaign. The Huskies have signed a deal to play in the 2012 Carrier Classic, and though their opponent has yet to be named, possible contenders include Kansas, Texas, Arizona, Florida or Illinois, according to the AP.

What's the Carrier Classic? Just your average, everyday college basketball game, only played on an aircraft carrier. UConn is going to be taking place in the second-annual classic, as North Carolina and Michigan St. will play in the inaugural one this Veteran's Day. Most of the 7,000 tickets will go to active military personnel and the game will be played in San Diego Bay, which is a nice bonus for the Huskies who have a long track record of West Coast success, as a pair of Maui Invitational and four NCAA West Regional Titles can attest to.

Here's Calhoun speaking to the AP about the opportunity:

"I think it's an incredible honor. I think it's an event that hopefully will give our kids a better understanding of just how important our country is."

And here's Calhoun take on the challenges of playing on a boat:

"It's a basketball game, and I'm assuming everything will be taken care of. As long as the baskets are 10 feet high, we'll be more than fine." 

(h/t dirtybirdie)