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TheRoundUp 9/1: Football starts today (just not for us)

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COUNTDOWN: 0 - Every Day Should Be Saturday
It's here.

Y! SPORTS - UConn's punishment looks even weaker
Even though the NCAA ruled in May 2010 that UConn committed eight major violations in the 2006 recruitment of forward Nate Miles, it missed an opportunity to deliver a penalty that would have served as a true deterrent. Now Calhoun's three-game suspension looks even more laughable, as do the phone call restrictions and scholarship reductions UConn faces as a result of the Miles case and its failure to meet APR requirements.

Jim Calhoun Will Return To UConn Men's Basketball Sidelines, Susan Herbst Confirms - Hartford Courant
"In a conversation this morning with UConn President Susan Herbst, the topic of conversation turned to Coach Calhoun's return for the coming season," the statement read. "At that time, Coach informed the President that it was his intention to coach this coming season, as he is under contract to do. He told President Herbst that he wanted her to be the first to know, beyond his family, and that she was free to share the information with others."

Walker agrees to join Fredette in exhibition games –

Fredette's team of all-stars will be coached by BYU's Dave Rose. They will take on another group of NBA rookies coached by San Diego State coach Steve Fisher. - UConn men, women release 2011-12 basketball schedules
The women's team, which will appear on national television nine times - including four times on ESPN2's Big Monday series - will play a pair of Big East teams at different venues this season. The Huskies meet DePaul on Jan. 21 at the 17,500-seat Allstate Arena in Rosemont, Ill., as well as playing for the first time at Louisville's year-old KFC Yum! Center (22,000 seats) on Feb. 7.

UConn Women Enjoyed Trip To Italy - Hartford Courant
"It helps to be with players who have played with each other during the summer, but at the same time, this a completely different team we're on now and those players may be in different positions [at UConn]," Faris said.