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ESPN's scouting report on Andre Drummond

So why the hype for Andre Drummond? In his latest draft blog,'s Chad Ford broke down the good and bad ($) of the player now ranked No. 3 on Ford's Big Board for the 2012 NBA draft, behind Kentucky's Anthony Davis and Harrison Barnes of UNC:


For starters, he's got ideal NBA size for a big man. He's 6-foot-10, has a massive 7-foot-5 wingspan and already has the bulk (currently listed at 275) to play in the middle.

Drummond also possesses explosive athleticism and quickness for a big man. He gets up and down the court well, attacks the rim and pops off the floor quickly. Pair his size and athleticism together, and you have the makings of an elite NBA prospect.

But he's more than just a big athlete.

Drummond is an excellent defensive player. He's an aggressive rebounder and shot-blocker who can guard both the 4 and the 5. He also has a high basketball IQ (especially in his passing ability out of the post) and shows an array of skills on the offensive end of the floor. He can face the basket, take his man off the dribble and even has emerging post moves.


Drummond is a physical specimen, but he didn't always use his size and strength to dominate at the high school level. You expect someone with so many physical advantages to abuse smaller, less athletic players.

But at times, Drummond seemed content to hang out on the perimeter and not take advantage of his superior size and strength. Drummond does have a solid perimeter game, but NBA scouts aren't salivating over a 6-10, 275-pound jump shooter.

The league needs size and players who are willing to come inside and bang. His stock drops if he doesn't show that he's willing to do the dirty work at the next level.

Drummond also can be foul prone and a bit reckless on occasion. But the big question is does he really want it? Is he driven to succeed? On potential, he's hands down the best prospect in the draft, but he's going to have to prove at UConn that he'll put in the hard work to live up to his potential.