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Hey, we're up for an award that isn't 'laziest summer bloggers'

Hard to believe, but it's true as we're up for WTIC and CBS Connecticut's "Most Valuable Blogger" award. Someone out there nominated us, so if you wouldn't mind, please take a second to go and vote, if only so we can get a nice little badge to paste into the sidebar. You can vote once each day until September 9.

My favorite part of this contest is that each of the sites has a description clearly culled from whatever nomination form CBS had up with no oversight or editing. Personally, I'm pretty happy with ours -- "we likey" -- which easily beats "fff" for Chuck Banning's football blog and "bbbb" for the Connecticut Post's Bridgeport Sound Tigers blog. As a sidenote, please do vote because I'm not sure I could take losing to a Bridgeport Sound Tigers blog.

One housekeeping note: I know things have been slow around here this summer, but that should change tomorrow, with the return of TheRoundUp feature, which will be running each day during the week. I've been out of the country for the past 10 weeks or so, which seriously cut down on my writing (also, it was summer), but I'm back in the states now so regular content will be following. As always, thanks for your support.