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Fight! Pasqualoni suspends player (temporarily), uses word "ruckus" non-ironically

Well, UConn has one practice under it's belt and the only good thing is that there is no where to go but up. They're down two receivers (yep, two), and now they've started off the year with a fight. From the Middletown Press:

The incident began when tight end Corey Manning and linebacker Andrew Opoku continued pushing and shoving after a whistle to blow a play dead, which led to the initial scrap. A few others briefly got involved before linebacker David Kenney entered the fray by leveling Manning, and was quickly sent to the locker room.

And here's the delightfully old-school reaction from Pasqualoni: 

"In a game, if anybody comes off the sideline and goes into any kind of ruckus, they're out, they're suspended," Pasqualoni said. "I didn't see everyone who jumped in, but I saw one guy so he was suspended. There's always going to be some back and forth, but you've got to keep your poise. You can't lose your head. So we all learned that today."

Some other stories from the first days of UConn's practice:

Still No Decision About UConn's Starting Quarterback - Hartford Courant
"Ideally, you'd like to select a guy as quickly as you can to give that guy the opportunity to get in with the group he's going to be playing with in the game. [That way he can] develop a chemistry with the receivers, with the tight ends, running backs, gain the confidence of his offensive line and develop a rapport with his team," quarterbacks coach Joe Moorhead said after the Huskies second practice of the preseason Saturday just behind Memorial Stadium.  

With UConn's new defensive coordinator, it's 'light your hair on fire and go' - GreenwichTime
"Play football in a chaotic, organized manner," linebacker Sio Moore says matter-of-factly. That sounds impossible until you get a glimpse of UConn's first-year defensive coordinator Don Brown patrolling the field during a practice. The man is a ball of chaos, albeit presented with a rather organized scream. With all the changes the Huskies have gone through this offseason, losing their head coach, star running back and starting quarterback, there are plenty of familiar faces on defense. It's just that they have some new schemes and some new shrieks.

DUFFY: Keeping Cochran at home a huge step for UConn - NewsTimes
Late Sunday afternoon, Masuk quarterback Casey Cochran, the reigning Gatorade Connecticut Player of the Year and the state's consensus top recruit, gave a verbal commitment to Pasqualoni and the Huskies, who had offered him just two days prior.