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The specter of Ambrose strikes again: Sheppard transfers to Towson

UConn has gotten a lot right in its transition to the Football Bowl Subdivision (1-A) from the Championship Subdivision (1-AA), but it hasn't all been perfect. One of the most glaring examples: "big-time" schools like UConn are supposed to pry talent away from lower division schools, not lose players to them, but that hasn't always been the case for the Huskies. The latest example? Wide receiver Gerrard Sheppard who announced earlier today that he's leaving UConn to rejoin former OC Rob Ambrose at 1-AA Towson.

Of course, my tongue was firmly in my cheek as I wrote that: Ambrose was the coach who recruited Sheppard to UConn, losing him shouldn't affect the Huskies much on the field, and it's never surprising to players leave after a coaching change, but still.... Towson? Ambrose wasn't exactly known for a high-flying receiver-friendly offense. Sheppard isn't the first to leave either, at Towson he'll rejoin former Husky Leon Kinnard, and running back Robbie Frey left the Huskies earlier this year to become a Kutztown Golden Bear.

As for the Huskies, they weren't exactly deep at receiver (or any skill position), so it's conceivable that Sheppard may have gotten some playing time. Still, this might not be the worst thing in the world, after all, the best receiver in UConn history was a walk-on, and this move will give another lucky student the chance to follow in his footsteps.