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Questions abound as Andre Drummond's coach says he doesn't know where he'll play this year

As recently as two weeks ago it seemed clear that star recruit Andre Drummond would be spending the next year back at St. Thomas More in Oakdale. Now? Not so much. St. Thomas More coach Jere Quinn spoke with the Norwhich Bulletin on Thursday and said this:

"I really don't know what he's doing."

and this:

"I've been trying to get an answer and he hasn't told me. We met about a month ago and his mother (Christine Drummond) said she would let me know the first week of August."

Adam Zagoria followed that up with a report that Quinn has not spoken with Drummond in a month

What does this all mean? Your guess is as good as mine. Quinn told Zagoria he expects to hear from Drummond's mother sometime next week, at which point we might find out anyone of several things. Drummond might well be headed back to St. Thomas More and just keeping his options open. He might be going to another prep school. He could conceivably even opt to go and play in Europe if he wanted to make some money. Or, best of all for us (though unlikely based on past comments), he might have changed his mind about skipping college and decide he wants to enroll somewhere -- you know, like Storrs.

For now though, we wait (and get our hopes up).