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USA U19 Team falls in quaterfinals, Lamb continues to play well

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The USA U19 basketball team was upset by Russia in the quarterfinals of the World Championships, a surprising and disappointing result. However, Jeremy Lamb continued to be the team's standout player, scoring 21 points. The loss knocked the US out of contention for a medal--they'll finish either fifth or sixth depending on their game with Australia today--though they did respond by taking their frustrations out on Poland 84-47 (Lamb had 12 points, five rebounds and four assists). 

The Courant's Mike Anthony had a phone interview with Lamb after the loss, which had some interesting tidbits of information. Check it out here.

SI's Luke Winn is in Latvia for the tournament and filed a long piece breaking down the team's collapse after a hot start and concluded that the big problem wasn't the players who were there, but rather all the big-name guys (including Andre Drummond) who declined invitations to join the team. Winn also had this to say:

UConn guard Jeremy Lamb had scoring performances that suggest he'll be an All-America candidate next season.

However disappointing the result may be for the team, it's great that Lamb had a good tournament, which bodes well for next year.