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TheOpenThread: UConn baseball at Clemson


So, here we are. Tonight, UConn and Clemson will play a single game to decide which team advances to the Super Regionals (the baseball equivalent Sweet 16). Winner advance, loser go home.

This is the biggest baseball game UConn has played in 30-plus years, and judging from the number of UConn faithful following along on Twitter last night, there is definitely a buzz brewing with this team.

A win here would be huge - UConn's first escape from the regional round since 1979, a return trip to South Carolina (Columbia to be exact) to take on the defending national champion Gamecocks, and a chance for Matt Barnes and George Springer to get some nationally-televised game action.

More importantly, it would stretch UConn's Year of HAM to at least Father's Day.

No TV for tonight's game, but of course we'll be keeping the old-timey vigil and listening via radio.

I'll be streaming WHUS, although if you like your announcers to be the caliber of the suave Joe D (and don't mind the six-second delay), you can check out WTIC. We'll also be keeping everyone updated via Twitter (Porter has apparently taken manic pills in the last 24 hours and tweeted every 10 seconds or so last night).

And of course this is your Open Thread, where at least two of us will be hanging out throughout the game.

Let's go Huskies.