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Congratulations to UConn's Class of 2011

I wish more people knew our Alma Mater. Ah well.

For the third consecutive year in this space, I'd like to take a very brief moment to send all of our congratulations to the thousands of UConn students who officially joined us in the real world Sunday afternoon.

While the class of 2011 was absolutely inferior to my beloved class of 2009 in most meaningful ways, I have to admit that the students matriculating out of Gampel Pavilion (and elsewhere) yesterday had a hell of a run, sports-wise.

Over the last four years, here's what UConn has accomplished in its various athletic endeavors:

--Two men's basketball Final Fours, including the most Kembawesome national championship that there will ever be.

--Four women's basketball Final Fours, two national titles, and the chance to witness four years of possibly the best player in UConn WBB history.

--Four straight bowl games for the fledgling football program, plus the practically life-affirming five-game winning streak, concluding with the win at South Florida, which put UConn in a BCS game for the first time.

--A suddenly-dominant baseball team that hosted an NCAA Regional last year, and which seems well on its way back to the tournament this summer.

--Various deep NCAA Tournament runs for men's soccer, women's soccer and field hockey.

Surely I'm forgetting other awesomeness. Almost makes me wish I were born two years later, except for the fact that the Class of '09 TOTALLY RULES IT.

So congratulations once again to Kemba Walker, Maya Moore, student pied piper Charles Okwandu, and the thousands of our now-fellow alumni. Best of luck to y'all.