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Dwayne Difton we hardly knew ye (because you weren't very good)

Dawyne Difton came to UConn with a bang and after two years he's leaving with the smallest of whimpers. Difton was probably the highest-touted recruit in UConn football history. He was a four-star receiver who could be an impact player in the Big East, except, well, he wasn't.

Difton is leaving the Huskies with two years with only 22 catches and 195 yards to his name. He had 14 receptions last year (when he was competing for attention with receivers who were terrible even by UConn standards) and only one of his grabs came after October 8.

Here's Desmond Connor:

[Difton] couldn't be reached for comment but one can assume in talking to Difton many times playing time, adjusting to life here, being close to home, the loss of Jasper Howard and perhaps where he fit or didn't fit in the rotation this year - any or all could have been reasons for his decision to leave.

Take from that what you will but my read is that under the new Pasqualoni regime Difton things were not going to improve for Difton playing-time wise.

Still, we wish him the best. No word yet on where he'll end up next year.