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TheRoundUp 4/6: The celebration continues

Basketball Prospectus | Amazing Reality
Commentators who took to the airwaves at every halftime and said it was time for Walker to "step up" and "take over" didn't really understand the UConn miracle. The miracle didn't arrive via the medium of Kemba Walker shooting from the field. It arrived thanks to Walker getting to the line and creating for his teammates, Alex Oriakhi crashing the offensive glass, Lamb draining shots from everywhere on the floor, and, of course, absolutely brutal defense over the last two games in Houston. Don't blame Butler alone for last night's ugliness. Kentucky didn't do a whole lot better against this D.

UConn and Butler Saved Worst for Last -
"As a player and as a coach, I hated domes," Penders said. "Did anybody in the Final Four have a good shooting night? Depth perception is a real problem, and those teams don’t get enough practice time in there, maybe an hour. 

Lamb, Oriakhi Will Keep UConn In Good Hands -
Shabazz Napier and Roscoe Smith will be incredibly important, and so will others, but the graceful shooting guard (Lamb) and the hulking forward (Oriakhi) are what all opposing teams will prepare most for. They will share the heavy burden Walker carried by himself for long stretches this season.

Jeff Jacobs: Championship Finale Built Brick By Brick -
I've always pictured Calhoun, as Tom Moore and other assistants used to joke, being carried out kicking and screaming like Jimmy Cagney in "Angels with Dirty Faces." Or maybe with three national titles elevating his status, he could be carried out of Gampel Pavilion like a Spartan on his shield. My guess is he'll coach to the gauge hits E, until he's spent, when the bell clangs to end the 15th round 

UConn basketball: Fans Greet National Champ UConn Men's Basketball Team At Rainy Bradley Airport -
On Wednesday morning, there was still no word when a parade will be, but Gov. Dannell Malloy's office said there definitely will be one, pending the schedules of all involved. 

Kemba Walker's diary: UConn guard wants to enjoy national championship before deciding future
Tuesday morning I got a call from the Mayor (Bloomberg). He congratulated me and invited me to come with him to a Knicks game. He said he thought it would be fun and that I'd be pretty popular there if I went. A lot of people asked me Monday night and again Tuesday what I am going to do next, but I don't think I'm ready yet to make a big decision about whether to stay in school or come out. There's time for that. I want to soak all this in a little bit more.

Here's hoping Calhoun returns to UConn bench -
Here's a better idea: Keep coaching, Jim. Keep molding teams that are picked 10th in the conference and finish first in the nation. You always have seen yourself as an underdog. Underdogs don't go out on top. They can't. 

Pistons' Charlie Villanueva thrilled to see Huskies win NCAA title | Detroit Free Press |
Charlie Villanueva was nervous at halftime of Monday's NCAA national championship. Sitting in the stands at Reliant Stadium in Houston, Villanueva had just seen Butler nail a triple to take a three-point lead into the locker room.

McCombs, Moore Back With UConn Football Team -
"They clearly understand what the program policies and the standard of what the program is going to be and we're not going to lower those standards," Pasqualoni said. "Nobody has a license in this program to lower those standards. It's a very high standard."