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TheRoundUp 4/4: Last-minute reading before UConn-Butler

Will Jim Calhoun Retire After Tonight? Don’t Bet On It |

Retiring because it’s the easy thing to do? This is the blue-collar guy from south Boston that lugged around headstones, pumped gas and made ribbon candy to help provide for his father-less family as a kid and used to supplement his income while coaching high school basketball by working as the town constable. And this is the same guy that got back on that bike a couple years after breaking his ribs to finish the final 16 miles of his own Cancer Challenge – after which he fainted from dehydration.

2011 NCAA Tournament: Butler vs. Connecticut Predictions From

Cinderella's invitation back to the grand ballroom would leave those supporters of the underdog to believe even more in the heart, desire and never-say-die attitude of Stevens' crew. Unfortunately, the college basketball simulation engine doesn't take into account the "hometown kids make good" intangible.

Final Four time! Players put NCAA under fire |

Next Media Animation, the Taiwanese company that produces CGI animations featured on, among other places, Conan O'Brien's show, tackles March Madness and the issue of college athletes being paid.

Call It A Chip Or An Edge — Jim Calhoun Has It -

Monday night, Calhoun, at 68, can become the oldest coach ever to win a men's title and only the fifth to win three. Wooden, Rupp, Coach K, Knight and Calhoun, how is that for elite company?

Governors Double Things Up For Championship Game - UCONN | Men's Basketball

Governor Dannel P. Malloy and Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels have gone double or nothing on their friendly basketball rivalry, placing everything on the line for tonight's game between UConn and Butler.

Rush The Court " Blog Archive " NCAA Championship Game Analysis

While it is awfully hard to pick against Butler given what they’ve done, it says here that UConn has one Kemba too many for the Bulldogs. Unless, of course, they find the range and some better luck on their halfcourt bank shots at the buzzer.