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Pinch yourself if you want, but yes, this is real: Happy Final Four

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Hello from Houston!

Before we get in to the actual basketball-related business of today I think it'd be nice to take a moment and reflect.

Six months ago UConn's football team was struggling. They had just beat Vanderbilt but were headed to two terrible losses against Rutgers and Louisville. The basketball team was returning Kemba Walker and Alex Oriakhi from a NIT flameout and we knew little to nothing about the incoming freshmen. At times it seemed like we might be in for the worst year of UConn sports in memory.

Three months and one day ago UConn kicked off against Oklahoma in the BCS. It was a shocker, especially after the start of the conference season, but somehow the Huskies had won the Big East and our school's little experiment in football had paid off. Did we lose? Sure, but it didn't matter because we were in the BCS. And sure, the men's basketball team had just been exposed against Pittsburgh, but there was talent here. This was a fun team to watch. Final Four? Definitely -- in 2013. Oh, and don't forget the women had just won their 90th game in a row.

One month ago? Four losses in five games meant that UConn's once promising season was spiraling downwards. A loss against DePaul in the Big East tournament seemed possible (though unlikely) and a five seed in the NCAA seemed like a high watermark. You know what happened next.

Now? Well, tonight UConn will tip-off wearing their home uniforms in the Final Four. Tomorrow the UConn women will do the same. Six months ago this was unimaginable. Now it's all too real. At least for this weekend, and this year, we're on top of the sports world. Enjoy it Husky fans.

We'll have an OpenThread and basketball coverage up later. For updates from Houston make sure to check out which I'll be updating all day long.

This is it folks. Go Huskies.