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Our new motto and some other site stuff

We asked for your suggestions, we had a poll, you voted and now I'm going to ignore the result. Well, kind of. The people spoke and said they wanted "On the Lamb since 2010," which is fine, but I'm not sure it fits now (it might be much better in say... November, but that's a conversation we'll have then. Everything else was really close, so I'm taking the top contenders, throwing them in a poll below and at 5 p.m. tomorrow I'll update the site with the winner, popular vote style, so make your pick.

Secondly, as I'm sure you've noticed, content production has slowed on the site. This is the natural progression of things one basketball wraps up (speaking of which, we're still National Champs and it's still awesome). However, that drought has been amplified by the whole "first year of law school" thing which is keeping me from writing as much as I want. I'll try to crank out posts when I can, but that won't be as frequent as I'd like. Luckily, after the next six weeks things open up and I'll be able to get some more in. Thanks for your understanding.

Now, the poll, featuring our top vote getters (minus the Lamb thing and the Maryland Football one which is excluded for the same reason), plus a Meacham suggestion I neglected the first time around. Winner tomorrow at 5 is the new motto.